House Style

The contributors who have strong views about things like the use of the Oxford comma should feel free to ignore this page. Otherwise, you can help achieve a more uniform appearence of various pages if you follow these rules:

  • All entries should be written in third person, even if you are writing the entry about yourself.
  • Use British rather than American spelling.
  • When in doubt, follow The Chicago Manual of Style. In particular, use the Oxford comma (as in "apples, pears, and oranges").
  • Use double quotation marks (like "...") following the "British style" (The Chicago Manual of Style, Section 6.10): only those punctuation points that appeared in the original material should be included within the quotation marks; all others follow the closing quotation marks.
  • Do not change the default behaviour of Latex without a very good reason (for example, do not use "\limits" or the "\var..." versions of Greek letters).
  • Abbreviate "independent identically distributed" as IID (internal links do not work for the alternative abbreviation "i.i.d.").
  • Bibliographic entries at the end of articles should emulate the plain bibtex style except that the year (in parentheses) should be given right after the authors' names (as in, e.g., the bibliography of Vovk et al. 2005).


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  • Vladimir Vovk, Alexander Gammerman, and Glenn Shafer (2005). Algorithmic Learning in a Random World. Springer, New York.