Advanced Formatting

This page demonstrates some useful tricks in wiki. To see more detailed description, follow Documentation Index or use Search.

Headers and footnotes

This is what we have (hide)

  1.   1.  this is a first header
    1.   1.1  this is a second header
  2.   2.  this is a first header too

In my small1 text, I explain how to use the new markups 2 coming with this recipe.

1.  this is a first header

1.1  this is a second header

2.  this is a first header too


1 This is relative of course.

2 #xxx These objects are the most emphasized words in this sentence.

Rename and delete

To rename the title of a page, add the string (:title New title:) at the beginning of that page. If you want to rename a whole page, including links to it:

  • Create a new page with a desirable title.
  • Copy-Paste the old page to a new one. Save a new one.
  • Find all pages which are linked to this page.
  • Change all links.
  • Delete the old page. To permanently delete the old page, send an e-mail to webmaster with this query. You can remove the page from the wiki, see Deleting Pages. To remove a page, edit the page, select (highlight) all text in the edit textarea and replace it with the single word

Note that it may be a good idea to add a comment to the field summary explaining why you deleted the page. (The field summary is usually found just below the edit textarea).

Insert a picture or a link to the attached file

You can find more information in Images and Uploads. To insert a picture, you should firstly upload it. There are two possible ways to upload files:

  • If you're admin, press the button "Attach" at the top of your page and follow instructions.
  • If you're not admin, send an email to webmaster with your files and query.

To show an image, type Attach:image.jpg | Description of the image. To show image as a link, type [[Attach:image.jpg]].